Polypropylene compounds


Lapo Compound was founded in 2001. The entrepreneurial aim is the production and marketing of polypropylene compounds for the automotive, household appliances, general design and technical sectors.

The company was established on the basis of over a year of market studies and has been constantly driven by a spirit of strong initiative.

The reference market consists of all companies operating in the moulding of plastic materials.

LAPO began within the regional context of Campania, Italy, and has grown successfully into national and international markets.

Our headquarters in the Valle di Maddaloni industrial park, Province of Caserta, feature a production plant of 15,000 square metres with a manufacturing capacity of about 30,000 tons per year.


Lapo Compound develops and manufactures polypropylene products that meet the specific technical and colorimetric requirements of its individual customers.

The core activity is compounding: the design and production of polypropylene modified with talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, aluminium silicate, microspheres, elastomers or mixed fills, in conformity with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

Many standard and specialised vehicles now feature components made with Lapolen polypropylene compounds.

Our company, still guided by the original brother-sister team, has grown to just over twenty employees. Our focus on response to customer needs, particularly in the automotive sector, has led to the development of excellent skills and knowledge. The company also operates with continuous, excellent results in the white goods and general technical sectors.


Clelia and Giuseppe Crisci are our senior managers. Their entrepreneurial philosophy, established at the outset, is to seek a strong balance between production requirements and social responsibility.

Growth in turnover and balance sheets goes hand in hand with growth in the local territory, and combines company success with employee satisfaction.

Clelia Crisci

Clelia Crisci

Giuseppe Crisci

Giuseppe Crisci